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Far away from southern urban civilization, Desa Les still has an active cultural community. Daily life is still governed by deep rooted cultural tradition. Balinese customs and ceremonies are most visible around the temple areas and some are definitely worth a visit. We recommend the following temples (“puras ;

“Pura Puseh
Year round religious festivals are held at the Pura Puseh (Central Temple). This large holy structure is the religious center for many villages in the area and is truly an architectonic piece of art. Recently many cultural and religious activities have been transferred from the Bale Agung to the newer Pura Puseh Temple which has opened its doors last September 2010.

“Pura Dalem Meraje Pati
Annexed to the local cemetery is the “Temple of Death which is worth a visit.

“Pura Bale Agung
This “Temple of Glory is the social gathering place for the local villagers. It is situated next to the market in the centre of the village. Before the construction of the great “Pura Puseh this was the main temple of the village.

The festival of Nyepi
Nyepi is a festival that marks the beginning of a new lunar year and usually falls during the spring equinox (late March or early April). On this day, everyone in Bali including tourists must remain silent. No one is allowed to work, travel or partake in any indulgences. Visitors are advised to observe this custom and to stay within their lodgings for the day. It may seem like a day is wasted, but the previous night's festivities would have sapped substantial energy and spirit to make up for the day of stillness. It is believed that evil spirits will leave the island, thinking that the place is uninhabited due to the complete stillness. The next day all festivities resume and the big party commences


  1. Temple Tour (approx. 2 hours)
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