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No bathers in bright swimsuits, beach chairs or powdery sand here, just a wide unspoiled black-sand beach lining a placid sea with just the sound of gentle waves flopping lazily on a rocky shore. The coast line is dotted with palm trees and the typical Balinese fishing boats lie among a black pebbled shore that gentle sinks into the Java Sea. The beach is quiet and clean and commercialization is nonexistent, Bali as it was 30 years ago. At dusk you can watch the slow-chugging fishing boats put out, soon forming a long line of brightening lanterns across the horizon.

Reef Plantation Project
In Les Village fishermen catch ornamental fishes for a living. These ornamental fish were caught with potassium cyanide which destroys the local riffs and marine life. Since 2002, with the implementation of the Community Based Integrated Marine Eco Trading and Eco Tourism management, the following steps have been taken;

  1. A halt has been called to destructive fishing methods
  2. Implementation of the Collection Area Management Plan (CAMP)
  3. Commencement of the coral reef rehabilitation project
  4. Start with alternative livelihood for fishermen

The objective of this initiative is to conserve the environment while maintaining the livelihood of the local people.

Beach Activities (approx. 2.5 hours)
Learn about the Reef Plantation Project, see local marine life while snorkeling and take a swim at a deserted beach.

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