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In contrast with the noisy and crowded commercialized tourist destinations of Kuta and Ubud, the area around Les (the district of Tejakula) has not been subject to any form of heavy industry or mass tourism. The environment is therefore surprisingly serene and authentic. “Desa Les is the destination for tourists who embrace the beauty of nature and culture in its purest form, devoid of commercialized tourism. You can enjoy the fresh air and views while hiking along the mountain slopes of the “Gunung Batur and the Bangli Forest, swim along the astonishing coast line of the Java Sea virtually alone or in the company of some locals, take an aqua massage and replenish your energy at the high energy area of the Yeh Mampeh waterfall or experience the life of a true Balinese community by interacting with local villagers who are still not familiar with mass tourism.

The “Yeh Mampeh Waterfall
The village main attraction is its impressive “Yeh Mampeh waterfall. The meaning comes from the Balinese language for “flying water Strategically placed signs will lead you towards the main entrance of the waterfall area where a small tourist cabin and its staff will await your arrival. The remaining 1 km distance to the waterfall is done by foot.  A shady path slowly winds up through quiet areas of small plots of fruit plantations where local farmers cultivate small scale agriculture. Higher up, you will notice that the environment becomes more forested with Rambutan trees until reaching a magnificent central plateau with a cascade crashing down into a shallow pool below. Although this honor has been contributed often to the nearby “Git Git waterfall, Desa Les actually is the proud owner of the highest waterfall of the island. Hidden from the eyes of the common tourist, a series of smaller upper level waterfalls and water pools exist beyond the drop-down line of the visible ground level waterfall.  Lacking easy access to these upper level waterfalls, this natural secret has dodged commercial exposure and has surprised the few lucky people who pass by. When visiting the upper waterfall area make sure to use a tourist guide to reach the top safely. The uniqueness of this waterfall lays also in its moderate water flow, allowing people to enjoy an aqua massage underneath it. People can actually enter into the waterfall and take a fresh bath.


  1. Yeh Mampeh Hike (approx. 1.5 hours)
    Hike up towards the waterfall area and learn about the botanical beauty of the area. Take a natural aqua massage at the waterfall and drink fresh coconut milk on your way back.
  2. Cave Hike (approx. 3 hours)
    Hike up to the hidden cave in the mountainous area of the Bangli forest and enjoy the spectacular view. Enter the cave and enjoy the monkey business of the local macaques.
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